At Bluefruit HQ we’re celebrating New Year a little earlier than usual to mark the end of our 2013/14 corporate calendar, and what a year we’ve had!


Over the past twelve months (31st October marked our year end) we have really bloomed as a business, employing ten new team members and expanding our office space, equalling a 50% growth in both of these areas.


New recruits


As we know variety is the spice of life, our new team members have a great array of skills (developers and otherwise) to help keep us on our upward trajectory and to put as much dedication as possible into our clients’ projects.


Not only have we been expanding as a team, this year’s calendar has been full of events such as Agile on the Beach, the dBs Summer School, our BDD Training Week and most recently, the Cornwall Skills Show Experience (not to mention the fun we’ve had at Cornwall Karting).


Team day out - Go Karting!

Go, Bluefruit, go!


Whilst this calendar year may be nearing its end, it marks the start of an exciting time for us, and with new talents alongside established team members, the future certainly looks bright.


As always, feel free to contact us about any new project ideas you may have, and we’re always on the lookout for fresh talent.


Here’s to the next twelve months!


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