Bluefruit Agile Huddle

Thank you for your interest in the
Bluefruit Agile Huddle

To help us understand your current technical ability and your preference in language, we’d like you to attempt a short exercise using a tool called Cyber-Dojo, and answer a few questions.

Cyber-Dojo is a great environment for learning about coding and test driven development.
If you are not already familiar with test driven development, then below are some resources that you might find helpful:
• Introduction to Test Driven Development (
• Creating a practice session in cyber-dojo (
• TDD in cyber-dojo (

Please complete the ‘Print Diamond’ exercise using the server. Remember to note down your practice session id given to you at the beginning of the exercise, you’ll need it to fill in the application form.

Once you’ve completed the exercise, fill in the form below.

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Applications close at 9am on 16th July 2018.