At Bluefruit we do things differently, we’re not just about targets and timetables

Using our teams’ personalities and individual know-how, we make sure the best minds are on the right project whilst providing realistic, real-time results. As we’re Agile-influenced, informal team meetings and feedback loops help us to remove impediments and make changes where necessary so we can work to maximum benefit. We market test as soon as possible, so once we make the brain of a product, we can then fine-tune the personality to your exact requirements.

Each of our teams have broad expertise in embedded software, and with specialists in specific areas, we ‘cross pollinate’ between teams for best results. Our personalities drive Bluefruit as a company, and with Cornwall as a backdrop we’re in a unique position as leading embedded software developers; with clear air comes clear minds. Communication and imagination is key to what we do, let us unlock your vision.  

Paul Massey, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development
Paul Massey


Paul has been programming commercially since his teenage years, and is the leader at the top of the Bluefruit tree. Starting his career with a work experience placement at a local engineering firm, he has held various roles within the software industry before starting his own business in 2000 – Absolute Software Ltd. As both Director and developer, Paul believes that mutual respect and staying grounded is key for quality leadership and continual improvement, he does this by empowering his team to make the right decisions and maintaining client relationships.

Steve Forth, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development
Steve Forth

General Manager

Steve’s ethos of ‘nothing is impossible’ is something he brings to work every day in his role as General Manager – Bluefruit’s people person. Thriving on building a team and watching a project evolve, Steve knows how people work best and is committed to developing software career opportunities in Cornwall. Steve’s scientific background includes a degree in research chemistry, two decades in the chemical industry and time spent working for a leading American computer company, as well as other roles – in one of which he first met Paul Massey, Bluefruit’s future Director.

Robert Salvoni, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development
Robert Salvoni

Non-Executive Director

With sixteen years of military experience, Robert is a man well versed in strategy, tactics and operational execution. Robert has enjoyed high-profile roles within a number of successful technology companies; including the launch of his own brainchild – BT Openworld. Following leadership roles in a number of successful software and research companies, Robert followed his heart to Cornwall where he started consultancy practice Park House Ventures Ltd. He provides expert guidance to Bluefruit and a selection of other businesses in a non-executive Director role.

Byran Wills-Heath, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development
Byran Wills-Heath

Head of Development

With a decade of experience in embedded software under his belt and a degree in Computer Science from Exeter University, Byran thrives on working with different technologies and seeing the finished product go to market. As with the rest of the Bluefruit team, Byran believes communication and feedback are paramount to successful working, and practices what he preaches regarding leadership style and customer focus. He loves to witness the creation of innovative, exciting software that breaks the boundaries of convention.

Team Zen

Matthew, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Team Lead

Coding guru and self-confessed techie bohemian, you certainly know when Matthew’s in the office!

Yan, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Deputy Team Lead

Musician, Yan, lives on a 100 year old Cornish fishing boat with his wife, twin boys and 3 dogs.

Jeremy, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Junior Software Engineer

“I just wanted to see what would happen if I pressed/ pulled/ poked/ twisted/ applied-a-huge-voltage-to it…”

Denzil, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Software Engineer

Denzil is the office coffee aficionado, hat-wearer and all-round beard.

Dominic, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Software Engineer

“For years now I’ve been attempting to learn how to play the drums. I’m still terrible.”

Laurent, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Software Engineer

There’s no better reward than a flashing LED.

Josh, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Software Tester

Josh has hobbyist interests in exotic pets, martial arts and theoretical physics.

Callum, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development


Callum spends his spare time playing flight simulators like FSX & DCS, and of course, loves programming!

Team Elm

Matt, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Team Lead

An ex-Sony employee, Matt likes to to write software for video games in his spare time.

Keith, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Deputy Team Lead

Liverpool fan, Keith, has been building computers since the others were in nappies!

Colin, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Software Engineer

When not out with the dog (Mable), Colin’s free time is spent tinkering with bikes and electronics.

Ross, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Software Engineer

Before joining Bluefruit, Ross worked as a chef in various eateries around the Cornish cuisine landscape.

Judith, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Software Tester

When Judith isn’t practicing her programming skills, you’ll find her playing FPS games or watching Sci-Fi thrillers.

Simon, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Software Tester

Simon is a recycled web developer and beard trainee.

Owen, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Test Team Lead

Owen swapped a life in London in the media industry for sea air and a fresh, exciting career with Bluefruit.

Harvey, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development


“After a short time of being here I found out I like coffee…”

Team Indigo

Andreas, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Team Lead

‘Crazy German Biker’, Andi, travelled across Europe to join us!

Richard, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Deputy Team Lead

Richard is a native Cornish caffeine-into-code converter, and a father of six!

James, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Software Engineer

James learned to program on a ZXSpectrum, and drinks way too much tea.

Neil, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Software Engineer

Neil works in C, C++, C#, Java, XSLT, ASM, and occasionally English.