Not your average Software Team!

At Bluefruit we do things differently. We put quality first and we empower our people.

Coding for DC brushless motors; adding new features to legacy embedded software, developing and testing software at the forefront of medical technology are all part of an average day here at Bluefruit. We’re an outsourced, embedded software company with inquisitive, knowledgeable and adaptable people who enjoy working with clients on innovative software projects. Our clients chose us because of our ability to integrate into their tech teams and deliver high-quality solutions to often complex problems. While our Lean-Agile processes are one of the critical factors in the success of our projects, we couldn’t exist without the amazing eclectic mix of people working at Bluefruit.

Within each of our teams, you’ll find talented software engineers, test engineers, and quality analysts. Supported by a highly technical operations team, we all work very closely together to deliver successful software projects for our clients. While we hire people at all levels of experience, we work hard to recruit people with science, maths and engineering backgrounds. This makes us an ideal partner for companies within the science and engineering sectors who require a software partner that can pack an extra punch.

Paul Massey, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development
Paul Massey


Paul has been programming commercially since his teenage years, and is the leader at the top of the Bluefruit tree. Starting his career with a work experience placement at a local engineering firm, he has held various roles within the software industry before starting his own business in 2000 – Absolute Software Ltd. As both Director and developer, Paul believes that mutual respect and staying grounded is key for quality leadership and continual improvement, he does this by empowering his team to make the right decisions and maintaining client relationships.

Steve Forth , Bluefruit Embedded Software Development
Steve Forth

Financial Director

Steve’s ethos of ‘nothing is impossible’ is something he brings to work every day in his role as General Manager – Bluefruit’s people person. Thriving on building a team and watching a project evolve, Steve knows how people work best and is committed to developing software career opportunities in Cornwall. Steve’s scientific background includes a degree in research chemistry, two decades in the chemical industry and time spent working for a leading American computer company, as well as other roles – in one of which he first met Paul Massey, Bluefruit’s future Director.

Caitlin Gould , Bluefruit Embedded Software Development
Caitlin Gould

Business Development Director

Caitlin Gould joined the company in 2016 as Business Development Director and oversees the Sales, Marketing and Growth strategy for Bluefruit. Caitlin worked as Business Development Director for a London digital agency working with large global companies like eBay, Staples and InterContinental Hotels Group. Originally from California, Caitlin moved to Cornwall in 2012 to get back to the surf and outdoor lifestyle she grew up with. Prior to working with Bluefruit, Caitlin held interim management roles in Cornwall at Stranger Collective and Invest in Cornwall and provided growth consulting for purpose driven start-ups.

Robert Salvoni , Bluefruit Embedded Software Development
Robert Salvoni

Non-Executive Director

With sixteen years of military experience, Robert is a man well versed in strategy, tactics and operational execution. Robert has enjoyed high-profile roles within a number of successful technology companies; including the launch of his own brainchild – BT Openworld. Following leadership roles in a number of successful software and research companies, Robert followed his heart to Cornwall where he started consultancy practice Park House Ventures Ltd. He provides expert guidance to Bluefruit and a selection of other businesses in a non-executive Director role.

Byran Wills-Heath , Bluefruit Embedded Software Development
Byran Wills-Heath

Head of Development

With a decade of experience in embedded software under his belt and a degree in Computer Science from Exeter University, Byran thrives on working with different technologies and seeing the finished product go to market. As with the rest of the Bluefruit team, Byran believes communication and feedback are paramount to successful working, and practices what he preaches regarding leadership style and customer focus. He loves to witness the creation of innovative, exciting software that breaks the boundaries of convention.

Matthew Verran , Bluefruit Embedded Software Development
Matthew Verran

Operations/Team Lead

An ex-Sony employee, Matt started at Bluefruit in 2012 and in addition to running one of our software teams, he keeps an eye on operations. Matt is a firm believer in empowering the team and prefers to think of his role as Ops Support rather than an Ops Overlord. He runs Team Lead learning sessions and works closely with other Teams Leads to ensure success across all projects. In his spare time, Matt likes to write software for video games. His team have also created a working synthesizer as a team learning project.

Catriona Tong , Bluefruit Embedded Software Development
Catriona Tong

Personnel Manager

Cat joined the team in November 2017 and since then has been working towards an HR strategy with the culture of Bluefruit at its heart. With previous roles in HR in the media industry and recruitment in both London and Cornwall, Cat works endlessly to ensure that HR is accessible to all to ensure Bluefruit continues to be somewhere it’s employees enjoy coming to for work. She is especially dedicated in rolling out Heath and Wellbeing and Mental Health awareness across the company. After spending five years in London (where she grew up) after completing her degree and Falmouth College of Arts, Cat moved back to the county to pursue the outside lifestyle while pushing forward in her career goals.

Meet our Teams!

<h4> Team Zen</h4>, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Team Zen

Led by Laurent, Team Zen are a calm bunch of engineers who provide the other teams with much-needed expertise in very specialist subjects. They often work on our smaller projects but occasionally join with other teams to act as a guiding guru or additional development support. They have experience working on everything from audio equipment to heating controls and can work with international clients in French and Spanish. When not at work they are traveling the world and occasionally falling down mountains.

1 Team Lead
3 Senior Embedded Software Engineers
1 Software Test Engineer

<h4> Team Indigo</h4>, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Team Indigo

Led by Andi, Team Indigo are our resident compliance experts, with experience providing testing and integration support alongside excellent embedded skills. With a wealth of medical device experience, this team loves building new tools to make projects run smoother. As a big development team, time on continuous improvement of processes helps them to deliver efficient, high-quality results for their very heavily regulated clients.  When not joking around in the onsite café or giving each other a hard time in one of our break rooms, they can be seen bonding over games of both the board and video variety.

3 Senior Embedded Software Engineers
4 Software Engineers
4 Software Test Engineers
1 Quality Analyst

<h4> Team 12oz</h4>, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Team 12oz

Headed up by Ashlei with help from Ross, the 12oz team like to push boundaries. They enjoy working on complex problems and are always up for a good debate on what “done” looks like. They are firm believers in team empowerment and work hard to explore ways to improve processes. They have extensive experience working with large biopharmaceutical clients on projects ranging from brushless motor control to connectivity solutions. A team of deep thinkers, they tend to take breaks by getting outside making the most of the Cornish countryside and coastlines. They are also the only team to have their own team coffee percolator for that precision brew.

4 Senior Software Engineers
5 Software Engineers
3 Software Test Engineers
1 Account Support

<h4> Team Rocket</h4>, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Team Rocket

Team Rocket are guided by their fearless leader Rich, who is happy to take them into the far reaches of IoT and web-based software universes. They have a solid grounding in embedded but are just as happy working on dashboards and database solutions if that is what their clients need. The team are passionate about behaviour driven development (BDD) and in their training time, they are using BDD to build a tool for improved BDD. Very Meta. They love a good game of pool to help clear their heads and when not at work you can usually find them getting lost somewhere on Carn Brea or volunteering with the Mission to Mars team at Software Cornwall.

2 Senior Software Engineers
4 Software Engineers
2 Software Test Engineers

<h4>Space Division</h4>, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Space Division

Space Division are complicated, and they like it that way. Headed up by Matt, they are a tightknit crew with excellent testing capabilities and enjoy exploring the unknown unknowns. They have a wealth of experience across the pharmaceutical and medical device sectors as well as experience working on large scale industrial equipment. When they’re not doing work for some of our longest standing clients, they build synthesisers and their own classic style video games as part of their team learning exercises.

2 Senior Embedded Software Engineers
1 Software Engineers
2 Software Test Engineers
1 Quality Analyst

<h4> Team Mowzer</h4>, Bluefruit Embedded Software Development

Team Mowzer

A team of 13, on the Mowzer team you will find people working in HR, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, and Office Management. Like the famous Cornish cat, they are named after, the Mowzer team work hard to keep things calm across the company, supporting the team so they can deliver. From bringing in new work, recruiting new talented people, and literally keeping the lights on, this is the team that holds Bluefruit together. And some of them can actually code if needed. To decompress after work you can find most of the team outside on the beach, surfing, hiking or just enjoying a good book. The team is also heavily motivated by good food and a nice bit chocolate.