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We’re Bluefruit Software; world leaders in embedded technology. Our teams are committed to developing quality solutions through flexible practices.

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Recent project

Elga LabWater

We recently worked with ELGA to produce quality software that would guarantee water purification with their products. Our collaborative approach and flexible working style resulted in an innovative product built on user experience, brand values and amplified learning.

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User Interface

Our intuitive and iterative approach to design ensured the project was delivered on-brand in both look and feel

Control and measurement

Rigorous development methods resulted in durable and dependable embedded software for Elga

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Why Choose Bluefruit?

Embedded software is purpose-built technology designed to carry out specific tasks with optimum efficiency.

We develop specialist software across multiple industries - including the automotive, audio and aerospace sectors - whilst maintaining a customer-focused approach integral to successful project delivery.

Whether it’s for product development or to bring an invention of the imagination to life, we provide independent software you can depend on.

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Our expertise spans a range of operating platforms, programming languages, user interfaces and coding standards; meaning we’re always enthusiastic and excited to accommodate any project. We have valuable experience in client and project management.

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How we work

How we work

We take the best of industry-proven practices and incorporate them into our own individual, efficient way of operating. We ensure successful project delivery and Return on Investment by encouraging frequent discussion and continual feedback.

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There are three teams within Bluefruit, each with a specific area of focus, extensive project experience and an independent team leader. Constant communication means we
remain on the same wavelength as our clients from start to finish.

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We love to talk, and it’s easy to contact us. If you would like a quote for your project, please give as much information as you can and we will provide one as quickly as possible.

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